‘Go with the choice that scares you the most because that’s the one that will help you grow,  says Psychology’. Ironically, we are always taught to steer clear of anything we fear; I always wonder if this is because they are afraid of the unknown or simply because they don’t want us to outdo them in terms of success. Whatever the reason, it somehow seems that the power of decision lies with us. As much as we like a situation to be residue-free, it doesn’t seem that way, simply because every decision we take may result in a pleasant or unpleasant outcome. Irrespective of the work, some learning is always associated with it.

Having said so, does it mean we always have to make safe choices? The ones that are tried and tested? Well, probably not! Let’s explore why.

When we deep dive into understanding why we always arrive at a conflicting situation, it could be due to the following reasons: Competing Interests, Cultural Upbringing, Misaligned incentives, and the practice of ‘Leaders lead the way’, which has been the norm. Let’s not even begin to debate the number of individuals who do not have access to education that helps them make concrete decisions based on learning. So, does this mean you shun all of these factors and do whatever you like? If that’s a yes, then you’re just being reckless and endangering your life with those around you.

So, what must you do to make the most out of a conflicting situation? It’s easier said than done, but something can always be done about it. Try T R A C O.

T – Take a deep breath and calm your mind (A calm mind overcomes a considerable storm)

R – Recognise all the options(conflicts) before you

A – Analyse and weigh the pros and cons of each option

C – Choose your course of action based on the moral values imparted to youUse the theoretical knowledge from academics, use practical knowledge from your previous experiences, and lastly, consult with someone you trust and who has the expertise to guide you without bias

O – Own up and take responsibility for the decision made. Irrespective of the favourable or unfavourable outcome,

It’s never the end of the world just because you feel you’re conflicting with your choice or have none. There is always a way if you have a will. So, what’s stopping you from experiencing life and learning from it? Like today’s world says, ‘It’s one life; live it to the fullest.’

Ms. Divya Marina

Ms. Divya Marina

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