Quiz Competition

On 12th October, the Student Council organized an Inter-House Quiz competition that comprised 4 members in each team. The topics were of varied interest.

Before the date, there was a selection round held on 8th October to finalize the members of each team. This consisted of a Google Form with general questions that were sent to the students who had given their names in hopes of participating to represent their house.

On the day of the competition, the selected participants were requested to come to the college, making it the first event to be held offline for the current academic year. The event began with Nidhi stating the rules and regulations of the competition. Malathi Ma’am, the Principal, and Kruti Ma’am also came forward to wish the participants all the very best. And with this, the event had officially begun.

It was divided into 4 rounds; the first round based on Sports and Technology, the second based on Literature, Art, and Culture, the third based on General Awareness, and the final round being the Rapid-Fire round. They were each appointed a Quizmaster, a member of the Student Council, to coordinate the questions and answers being told.

The questions were asked with a given time limit of 20 seconds to answer them. Based on the rapidity of the answers told, the points were awarded. If answered wrong, the question was passed on to the next team.

And so, began the fast-paced but thoughtful process of thinking as a team and providing an answer under such a short period. Towards the end of round 3, things began to seem more interesting as the questions asked were based on the college and its staff, thus truly testing a student’s knowledge and their capacity to think fast on their feet. The audience heartily set the mood for the competition, with them being the ultimate cheerleaders for all the house teams.

And just as quick as it started, we had finally progressed to the final round; the Rapid-Fire Round. Each team was asked to select any one member who would answer 5 questions under a period of 45 sec. The final round came to an end with the Adventurers and the Explorers’ house at a tie.                                            

But wait, it does not end here! Savitri Ma’am, the CCA coordinator, prepared and asked the question for the Tie-Breaker. The next question led to a tie once again, with tension high in the Amphitheatre to see who would finally take the victory home. A final question was asked where the Innovators house team emerged victoriously. Savitri Ma’am congratulated the winners and all the teams for in the end, even if some did not win, without their participation the program would not be successful.

All in all, it was a day to remember for all the students present and proved to be an experience that most of us were lucky enough to receive at the college.

Congratulations to all the winners and the event organizers, especially the Student Council members, who helped in making sure that it was a fun and amazing event. 

– Divya Germaine B (1A)

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