A session with Ms. Sharadha from College and Career Guidance

On 17th September 2021, the Student Council of our college organized an interactive and informative Zoom session with Ms. Sharadha Jaidev, from the College and Career Guidance cell. The session was charged with useful information about career paths, opportunities, and steps needed for us 16-year-olds and parents regarding our futures.

The College and Career Guidance cell was introduced in Ekya schools and CMR to help make students’ prospects much easier and make parents and children aware of the myriad of career options available abroad and within our country. In this session, Ms. Sharadha introduced the goals and functions of CCG and answered many, many questions that might have been lingering in the minds of students and parents. 

The session started at 9.30 a.m. with a brief welcome by the student council. Following this, the Performing Arts Club Representative Drishya Marakini introduced Ms. Sharadha Jaidev. Sharadha ma’am gave a brief explanation of CCG and its functions and resources. And this led to a part of the session, hosted by Adventurers House Captain Aadritah and Divya, who asked questions from a google form that was circulated among students prior. Following this, Sports Representative Adrian Brine took the mic and hosted the Q and A part of the session. Parents and students were told to send in their questions via the chatbox and those questions were asked to Ma’am. Sharadha ma’am answered many questions regarding competitive exams such as SAT, TOEFL, CLAT, etc. In the end, Drishya called on Savitri Ma’am, our extra-curricular coordinator, to share a few words and convey a vote of thanks to Ms. Sharadha. 

The session provided great insight into the world that lies beyond schooling. It cleared a great number of doubts I had and I’m positive that the rest of the audience felt the same way! I certainly look forward to more of such sessions and all the resources that come along with them. And kudos to the 1st PU student council for organizing their first event successfully!

Arpita Manoj, 1 ‘A’

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