Importance Of Implementing Coding Skills

Coding, a word that is heard almost every day. It is arguably one of the most important skills for the current as well as the future generation to learn. For young learners, programming helps to gain problem-solving skills i.e. to solve a problem in a logical as well as creative way. Now, to analyse a problem, we must look around, and see how one can benefit from its solution. This is when I thought of ‘badFlamingo’.

“badFlamingo” is a program that solves any numerical problem in the PUC 1 Economics Textbook, whether it be problems to find mean, median, missing frequencies, quartiles, etc., or even data visualization, such as Arithmetic Line Graphs, Ogives, Pie Charts, etc. All the user should do is enter data values as per the requirement, and the program gives a step-by-step solution for it.

Why did I develop this project?

Firstly, I wasn’t that great at solving numerical problems myself, I needed to understand the concept better. I also realised that a few of my friends needed assistance with these sorts of problems and would be of great help.

Secondly, I love coding, I always like to keep myself occupied with some sort of technological aspect.

Thirdly, I love Economics. So to bridge the gap between the two subjects I love, this felt like the ideal thing to do.

What motivated me to implement this solution?

The idea initially was going to be very basic, the solution would be reviewed by my economics teacher, Akanksha Ma’am, and the code would be reviewed by my computer science teacher, Shurthi Ma’am. The teachers were really supportive of the idea and appreciated my idea, this motivated me to implement the solution.

Why is it necessary for young learners to take up coding projects?

As code progressively influences our everyday life, digital skills are becoming crucial for aspiring minds to grow in their career. It is important for young people to leverage opportunities to enhance digital knowledge to grow at the workplace and for better career prospects in the future.

Summing up!

Technological advances don’t seem to stop as they are rapidly changing the world. Every smartphone app, website, computer program, and even a microwave and calculator rely on a code to operate. Naturally, the demand for digital skills is huge. Yet, many young people continue to be digital consumers rather than becoming digital creators.

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