Try asking yourself, What is your Passion? And surprisingly you will find out that the career you are pursuing is not what you are passionate about. Well for most of us it’s not, but why do we do that?
It is because we are more interested in the outcome rather than in the process. Passion is something that does not concentrate on the outcome, you can fail or you can pass but whatever you do you enjoy while doing is your passion.
You are more interested in learning rather than earning and that’s what makes it special through and through that was making it exciting through and through.
You must have heard the saying follow your passion ever wonder why are we advised doing that? The answer is simple because we live for once and for all we have limited time.
It’s too short to spend on something we are not interested in. So rather do something that you are interested in making every second of your life count and that’s what passion is.
Career and passion are always in a dual state and it is a sad ending side to see. You are forced to do something because that is good for your future. But have you ever given a thought to whether it is really good for you, or is it making you happy or is it making you smile at the end of the day? Think of it whether you can call a cubical job. A 9 am to 5 pm job that you have chosen for yourself as your passion. If the answer is no then that’s how you can conclude that your career has lost its touch with passion. A career is something that you take upon seeing and calculating all the circumstances and predicting what is best for you in the coming years. But then while doing that you realize it’s not suitable for you. When you see others living a small and humble life. Doing what you would love to do. Even though they are not as fluent as you are, but then you know deep down that they are happy and that’s what makes them richer than you. The thought that you have failed yourself in one or the other way kills you from within
 It breaks you to bits, but again in the morning you wake up and go to your cubicle and start doing your job. You condition yourself accordingly to cope with this situation. You are too afraid to leave it, but heaven is just a step away. You never know what you are capable of until you decide to try, breaking the stereotype, and do what you want to do. It all begins with a dream and dreamers have seen to rule the world. If you think you’re crazy in the head, your idea will not be accepted by many, fine it’s totally fine. The world wouldn’t have got Google or airplanes for that matter. If their dreamers would have thought the idea was too crazy and decided to give up. All you need is courage and a little motivation to follow what you want to do. To follow your passion and make it your career.

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