On the  6th  of August, we had been given a wonderful opportunity to meet our seniors through an online platform. This was scheduled for us since we had just stepped into a new environment.
We had a chance to get to know our club representatives, house captains, the head boy, and the girl of the college. The club representatives spoke about their clubs and the fun activities that would take place throughout the year. They spoke about their role and how they managed the duties assigned to them.  The House captains also spoke about their respective houses and stated their house motto and what their house stands for.   After they were done speaking we asked them questions and doubts we had and they patiently answered all of them.
After they were done we got a better understanding of the extracurricular activities and how this year is going to be for us.
We were inspired by the student council. Activities such as organizing programs, taking initiative, as members of the student council will definitely serve a purpose when we will leave the college after two years and step into the outer world to face the new challenges lying ahead of us.  
Overall it was an exciting, interactive, and fun session and I’m pretty sure it helped us get a lot more comfortable in our new college.
-Vivin Jayanth I B

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