“You don’t take a photograph, you make it,” said a famous person which stands true to this day. A student like me who has no knowledge about photography always thought that photography is just clicking pictures. But this thinking process of mine and of many other students was broken when we attended Ms. Anupama Ma’am’s class. We learnt that photography includes several steps like clicking photos at a particular angle, editing, etc. A key point that I learnt was that if we are clicking a photo of a particular organism or an object, the respective background should be deeply analyzed so that the viewers of the photograph can understand the context of the situation. The photos which we viewed were extremely realistic in nature and we could get the feel of us being in the forest. We also learnt about the types of cameras and the advantages of them which can be used for further adventures! Discussions on jungle ethics which are extremely important would help future photographers to exercise caution for getting the best pictures. We were also motivated to not give up if we didn’t spot any animals or subjects of our interest. My personal view about Ms. Anupama ma’am is that she is a fun-loving photographer who loves adventures. She spoke in such an energetic manner that almost everyone would have got that zeal or urge to click a photo as soon as possible. Ma’am really knows how to get deep down into the minds of students and explain each and everything in the simplest manner ever possible. She has absolute patience to explain everything in a kind manner and answer each and every question politely. I noticed that a few pictures had deep inner meaning, for example, the tusker alone in the fields showcased that arrogance doesn’t lead to unity or happiness. Another example, the sambal deer which has no powers like monkeys to climb trees has no other option but to stand still in the field when it hears the growl of the tiger, this showcases that when we are surrounded by problems in life we need to remain cautious and make our mind prepared for any kind of situation. A heartfelt thank you to Ms. Anupama ma’am who taught us tips on photography and showed us some spectacular photographs. I would like to thank on behalf of all the students to the college principal Ms. Malathi Ma’am and Savitri Ma’am to host this wonderful program for all students.

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