The CMR PU ITPL inter house physics competition took place from 2 to 4 pm on the 1st of December 2020, where inquisitive minds presented the experiments they decided to pursue backed by extensive research. The adventurers started off the event with their presentation on Wireless Power Transmission (WPT). Technology that uses time varying electric, magnetic and electromagnetic transmissions to transport electric power without using wires. They explained how the concept was pioneered by Nicholas Tesla in the 1890s and how it uses the principles of a magnetic field, magnetic resonance and induction to work. They concluded by exploring some of the existing applications of WPT such as powering handheld devices and appliances within a household (by installing coils above and below the living space) as well as making pacemakers and controlled release medicinal capsules. Possible futuristic applications included solar power supply to earth via satellites and embedding the technology into roads to power electric vehicles. 

Adventurers were followed by the explorers with their chosen experiment, the electromagnetic bell. They explained in depth the functioning and principle behind it. They performed well in the VIVA round. 

The Innovators then presented with two teams focusing on magnets and optics respectively.

 The first team explored the relation between temperature and magnetism of a magnet, followed by an experiment showcasing Lenz’s law. (Lenz’s law states that the direction of the electric current which is induced in a conductor by a changing magnetic field is such that the magnetic field created by the induced current opposes the initial changing magnetic field.) While the second team delved into the once ground-breaking Young’s Double Slit Experiment and the reason why rainbows are arched. Accounting for multiple factors, they simulated optimum laboratory conditions the best they could to present a comprehensive outlook.

Finally, the technophiles conducted experiments exploring the avenues of electrical energy from hydro-power and piezoelectric plates. They explained concepts through an engaging six-minute video consisting of an explanation and demonstration. The event, judged by Ms. Durga Bhavani, came to an end as the innovators claimed victory.

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