This Competition was held on the 3rd and 4th of December,2020 on an online platform. This competition gave us a huge opportunity to expand and exhibit our knowledge on the topic.

Economics helps us prepare for careers that require numerical, analytical and problem solving skills .Economics teaches us on how we can improve our spending habits and enables us to understand past, future and current models, and apply them to societies, governments, businesses . This competition helped us gain more interest on topics related to our

Rules Of The Competition

The rules of this competition were very simple: we had many groups participating from each house, 6 groups from the Adventurers house, 4 groups from Explorers house, 4 groups from Innovators house and
4 groups from Technophiles house each group having 4-5 members. They were asked to create a presentation on a topic. The points were divided accordingly for Creativity of the PPT, content, Explanation and fluency, Participation of the team members.

Each group was given 10 minutes each for presenting their topic in the best way possible followed by a question answer round where the judges would ask questions related to the topic to the team members . On day 1 we had 8 splendid presentations from the Adventurers house and Explorers house. And on day 2 we ended with 9 exceptional presentations by Explorers house. And on day 2 we ended with 9 exceptional presentations by Explorers house, Innovators house and Technophiles house.

We had some extremely creative topics like Operation Green Scheme, Falling of the GDP of India, The Economy Before the Pandemic Vs Now, BioSphere, Sustainable Development, Poverty and various Economic Problems in India.

This competition has truly helped us greatly in understanding how we can effectively and smartly find solutions to problems that our country is facing and be proud of all our great achievements that we as a country have accomplished. Thank You .

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