I had spent the entire afternoon without progress.

I sat perplexed, staring at the screen. Everything seemed fine, yet the final code didn’t run. The editor showed no error. Google wouldn’t tell me my error. I felt helpless.

I reached out to my dad’s friend who’d guide me on how to go about learning programming.

“Ah, I see the issue”.

I let out a sigh of relief.

“But it’s up to you to find it”.

I was annoyed. I was frustrated. Now, the entire day had been spent chasing some tiny fault.

The time to quit had arrived.

As a couple of days passed, I felt restless. How could I ditch my project just like that? I felt a burning urge to finish it. 

I flipped up the screen and immediately began hunting for the fault. I told myself to stay calm and patient. I checked the output line by line and finally narrowed down to the issue. I rolled back into my chair with a big grin on my face as I saw the AI play Tic Tac Toe like a pro.

I’d finally trained the computer to never lose a single game. Moreover, I had an idea and I made it work.

I felt like I’d completed a marathon. The sweat, the pain all become worthwhile at the end. Had I gotten help, I would have never felt this relieved and excited.

It’s that feeling of creating something by my own hands that I crave for. Programming has been a way to find that joy. I look forward to turning more of my ideas into reality in the days to come.


Aryaman Kumar



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