The Truth about Human nature and the reason of existence :

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West.

Ever since humans have arrived on the planet there has been constant adaption and evolution according to the environment. From the stone age to the industrial revolution the evolution of the human mind has continuously renovated and evolved. But, as we continued to exist in this world with presence of time and space we have changed our ideology time and again due to various causes and reasons like new discoveries and advancement in technology and science and change in mindsets due to colonization. We continue to upgrade our surroundings with various tools and mechanisms, but in recent times we have started to forget who we really are. Questions like who am I?, and why do we exist? Should be the questions asked to jump into the path of self realization. We have been gifted with a complex mechanized system which is very much different than the flora and fauna around us. So before stepping out in the society and making changes in them we must really understand who we are?…

Humans have always been social animals and will continue to be. This is what differentiates us from animals other than having the gift of speech. The difference between a dead body and a living one would be consciousness. Consciousness is nothing but which moves the material body into existence. Consciousness can also be termed as the soul. The body is like a car equipped with the five senses and the driver its soul. We must of course spend some time catering the needs of the car but we must not forget to cater the needs of the driver or in other words, the soul. Our soul is an immortal imperishable entity   which should be recognized by each individual. 

Every Individual is a unique possibility and has the power to create dimensions for themselves as well as others. Each individual is tiny speck in the cosmos who is gifted the power to change its surroundings. Thus, before trying to rule the world and changing it one must learn to conquer the mind. If one learns to control they’re own mind or they’re desires, he can she can do anything they dream of doing.  The mind is like a dog, if untrained it can go wherever it pleases and for the owner it can give a tough time controlling it, it can create havoc and chaos in the house. But, a trained dog will go where you want it to go and behave with discipline and loyalty. With this, both the owner or master and the dog is at peace. As, in the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna says that” If the mind is controlled it can be your best friend but, if uncontrolled it can be your enemy”.

Hence, we must learn to control the mind with discipline and constant practice in order to control it. How you may ask?

The mind is like a magnet, if you use it to attract negativity you will think about negativity and in result negative situations will appear. But, if you use it to attract or think positive things, you will have positivity in your mind and in result positive situations start occurring in ones life. That is, we are where are our mind is.

Therefore, to control the mind one must drench themselves with positivity however the situation might be and also controlling the material desires and sensual gratification with positivity, compassion, knowledge and discipline.

To live positively we must get rid of the negative things in life, like arrogance, envy, greed, attachment, pride and fear and replace it with humility, humbleness, selflessness, patience, knowledge, courage and most importantly love. We must strive to live with joy ,bliss and exuberance. And what is life??

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
― John Holmes

Life is not the past or the future but the present, breathing and “living” in the present is life. We have a short time on this beautiful planet, why not make the best of it with positivity, love and happiness with every second of life. Apart from the development and betterment of ourselves, we will automatically bring a good change in others life. As, one of the main reason of existence is to give lasting pleasure, happiness, compassion and love to others because that’s what makes us human, that’s what makes humanity and that’s what makes our life worth living for. We will not lose anything by giving love but only gain from it.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
― Mother Teresa

One of the main problem in spreading compassion is the tendency to judge and degrade someone. We must not judge a person on whoever they are but must cherish they’re uniqueness with love and respect towards each other as the value of a oyster is considered by the pearl in it not by the shell it is covered with. Thus, everyone is a pearl, everyone is a unique possibility, everyone is a masterpiece of god and one must respect and cherish that.

Now, let’s make our life beautiful by making use of the time and space we are given with. Let’s make our life to the betterment of others and of all of humanity and not to forget the flora and fauna around us. Let’s live a life where we as humans grow together by investing our compassion and knowledge with other beings leading to a beautiful ever growing society. Come let’s make it happen, TOGETHER!!!

  • J Mukesh Kumar (II PU) , PU ITPL

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