In a student’s life, grades 10, 11and 12 are crucial stages of education; because these are the
years when a student realistically ponders over the question, “What do I want to do when I grow
up?” and searches for answers.
CMRPU, ITPL held a career day workshop on November 23, 2019, where men and women from
different career fields spoke about their work-life and their passion behind their jobs.
I attended the workshop on the Medical stream.

It was held by Dr. Gurudutt, who works as the Head of Pediatric Intensive Care at People
Tree Hospitals; MRCPCH; CCT [Paeds UK], Fellowship
Pediatric Critical. Dr. Gurudutt specializes in looking after severely sick children
in the Children’s Intensive Care Unit (pediatric). While I was in his workshop, I understood
that it was not necessary to decide which field of medicine you wanted to join, i.e., Cardiology,
Gynecology, orthopedics, Pediatrician, etc, from the beginning itself. All a student of our age
had to do, was to have a clear view of our immediate aim, which was clearing our school
exams, competitive exams, etc.

What I also got to know, was that while being a doctor, you must learn to place your duty before
your leisure time. That’s what makes it a noble profession. Dr. Gurudutt, being pediatric at an
Intensive Care Unit shared his experience with us and told us that being in such a department,
one must be ready to work at all times, even if it is at 12 at night.

He also explained how communication was vital between doctors and a patient’s family
members, because the parents are entrusting the life of their child at the hands of the doctor,
and so the doctor must develop a rapport with them to build some trust.

On the whole, the medical workshop was very insightful as it showed the pros and cons of such
a vast field. Those among us who had doubts related to this career path had a chance to get
their doubts cleared.

  • Attili Subha Vidhisha (II PU)

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