Reflecting upon the opportunity I was given to work with the JSW Bengaluru FC team, firstly, I am truly grateful. I had an exciting time and the experience was undoubtedly splendid. I met some fantastic people who showed me the ropes into the way they work at the BFC. My fellow interns were just as cordial and supportive and without their help, it would have been a challenge to complete tasks given to me.

The tasks that were entrusted to me covered management of their internal software system, data entry and reconciliation operations. With their growing popularity, they have developed and produced merchandise that fans can procure and helps enhance the image and reputation of the organization.

I am ever so grateful to the CMR management for this otherwise impossible opportunity to experience real-life work, and to the BFC giving me the chance to do so.

By – Vibha Thomas

Posted by CMRNPUC

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