Reap Benefit Experience

Reap benefit is an organization which solves local, environmental and civic problems in the society by collaborating with young minds. Being a part of it was one of the best experience I ever had. The students of CMR National PU College got the opportunity to visit a Government school and interact with the students there.

My opinion about Government schools completely changed after the visit. When I personally saw the school and met the students there, I felt pleased. During the visit, we identified some problems. Later the students were divided into groups which included the students from the Government school, and we were given separate problems to work on.

At the end of our second visit, we fixed locks on the washroom doors and urinals in the boy’s washroom. We also made cardboard dustbins for dry waste disposal, fixed handwash dispensers, and also installed sanitary dustbins in girls washroom. The water tank was cleaned scrupulously by the students. We explained the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation to the students of the Government school. We also painted the compound wall of the school.

It was a great learning experience and it nurtured our problem-solving skills. One very important thing I realized was, that we are never satisfied with the provisions provided to us, whereas the children of this school were contented with what they had. We must learn to be like them.

I would like to thank our Principal, Anitha Ma’am, the teachers of our college, the staff and Principal of the Government school and the Reap Benefit team to give us this opportunity and helped us learn how to make a difference by taking small steps.

-Akanksha, PU I A

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