What’s stopping you from flying?

Poem by Khushboo Gursahani, I PUC, CMNPUC-ITPL

And as I look far ahead,
I can see it,
The light at the end of the tunnel.

Will I reach there?
Can I touch the light?
Or would the darkness around
Stop me, from being me?

I’m scared,
And the darkness inside,
Does not let me move ahead.
I’ll have to pause.

I feel trapped inside my own body.
I can’t breathe.
The judgemental eyes,
Won’t stop staring

But what if I took a step forward?
Would the demons inside,
Finally, let go of me?

Will I be stuck here forever?
Or will I be able to touch it?
The light at the end of the tunnel.

Posted by CMRNPUC

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