Anagha and Navyaa’s entry for the Dash to the Press event at Vivum that won the duo second place.

The participants of VIVUM want to know!

At this year’s VIVUM, the press is hustling through all the events, trying to find the most interesting stories and defining these in a snap! From the students’ most despondent moments to the times they’re brimming with joy and excitement, these reporters are here for it all.

‘Dash to the press’ is THE EVENT for all the students to bring out their inner James Nachtweys! For this event, the participants are required to cover all the various events taking place at VIVUM 2018.  The most invigorating experiences from all the contests along with ONE snap that elucidates the event is to be submitted, and as soon as it’s done, they dash to set forth their views! This is not an easy task, and the participants have to give in their all to present the most stimulating and visually engaging articles. Their way with words must be appealing, and their photographs must encapsulate all the feelings and experiences of the students during the competitions.

The reporters required a special bent of mind to find that sweet spot in their writing. They stood in need of a keen interest in the happenings of the events throughout the day, which, they all had in abundance. Their passion was seen through the lens and the writing, and they did everything in their power to make sure that their news pieces had elements of drama, love, humour and motivation.

The dash was not only an incredible opportunity for to-be writers, commentators and the like, but also a social commitment to provide all those at VIVUM the right information regarding the matches, tournaments and the 21 cultural events.

The photojournalists had to observe each of their events, ask multiple questions to multiple persons, and hustle harder at every step of the way. There was no time to waste, and no details to spare. From vexing the dancers taking part in the dance-off, asking questions about their dance form, music and more, to infuriating the sport players minutes before their games, it was one of the most grinding but exhilarating responsibilities.

At the end of it, however, the contestants put forth their best work; a mind-blowing article and an alluring still of the events. These journalists, quite literally, were seen put in their blood, sweat and tears to their task and it was honestly, beautiful to see the final results. Their creativity and effort that was put into every article was excellent. The happenings of every event were put into words so very beautifully, and everything that was to be conveyed was done so very skilfully. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience for everyone!


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