A question each one of us is scared to ask ourselves. Because the answers might surprise us, or frighten us.

How often do we run away from reality? How often do we think ourselves delusional or delusional for imagining Utopia on a diverse planet where the sun shines one moment? followed by a downpour in another. How often we are so preoccupied with dealing with and handling this ‘reality’ around us? that we forget to tend to ourselves?

The outside world or the environment as it is referred to. is dynamic Positive and negative Full of highs and lows. This is the major factor in all our lives that influences how we think and what we think. This world influences our emotions too. Almost like how a roller coaster does. On an average day. I’m sure a person experiences happiness, contentment, sorrow, anger, fatigue and disgust each other 10 times a day! And its sources? The external world.

An office-going man in Mumbai. He wakes up at 7 am already cursing himself for snoozing his alarm earlier. In Mumbai, every passing minute increases the traffic ten times proportionally. He struggles to hold on to his flying tie and laptop as he navigates his way past the huge crowds at the train station. The local trains are a nightmare, but the roads are worse. After the daily morning struggles, he reaches work where every little project or deal is treated as a do-or-die thing. As he starts to scratch his hair, he takes out and swallows his anxiety pill. He makes his way back home at 9 p.m. and has no energy for anything but to mindlessly gulp down a glass of vodka and question his decisions. He has a family. Who lives elsewhere? A wife who left him due to his lack of attention. And then he wakes up again and rushes.

Above is a rather extreme example of how the external world can make a person dance to its tunes. indeed a source of happiness too. But why experience the highs and lows of extremes that life has to offer when contentment is only a close-your-eyes-and-breathe distance away?

So yes, the question of why not the outside world than the inner me is a valid one. Only to be negated.

A person who is grounded experiences the nuances and subtleties of life at a much deeper level. fulfilling level. Instead of letting external situations cause tornadoes (even if only on the surface), why not be the tree with strong roots that stands despite the sharp sun shining down or the gale winds that blow?

A few moments of reflection. introspection and mindfulness can go a long way in leading a more content and fulfilling life. 

So now you tell me, why not the inner me rather than the outside world?
Shreya Karanth
Grade 2J

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