Doing What You Love – In today’s society

When one thinks about society, the only thing that strikes our head is that it’s a group of people having a million different opinions about everyone and everything. Taking just India into consideration. India has such wide cultures and exposure to everything and everyone. where everyone could follow, their passion and dreams. but people still to this day change their ideology according to what people will think about them. and thus, change their decision to something the society would accept. why have this ideology? Why try to fit in? when you can make a space for people who aspire to do what they love, just like you. Taking a common example of our upbringing, boys were always meant to like blue and girls’ pink. boys would play with cars and guns and girls with dolls and kitchen sets. But when the same boy and girl try to do something different, something that was clearly not meant for them or something they couldn’t do. It’s suddenly underlooked by our society. things like cooking, driving cars, and being self-independent have become gender-neutral in society after so many years.

In India, many Indians are still homophobic! let’s not lie. we’ve all seen people using gays as an insult and it’s become the new normal. when a boy does something a girl should be doing it’s suddenly him acting gay and not being manly? This is our society and these are the people that live in it! let one do what he/she loves. why make them change their decision on your judgement. Things like these break people from a young age making them depressed and leading to them having a really bad childhood. 

conversations about doing “this” and not “that” starts right from our own houses. parents still force their kids into getting into certain streams so that they get a certain job even if they don’t like it. 

In the end, they end up wasting a handful amount of their life doing a job they never liked. It’s always “that job is going to get you a high paycheck”. and not, “that job is going to be good for your interest and would fit your passion”. Thus, it’s better to do what you love today than to regret it tomorrow.

Today’s society is just filled with different opinions at the end of the day it’s us who would entertain others’ opinions and listen to them. We all have to educate our generation and the generation before us (our parents) about how not everything is log Kya kahenge so surrounding yourself with good people is very important in this toxic society that we live in. where everyone is judged on how they look, dress on their lifestyle and even how they speak. So, surrounding yourself with people whom you love is very important. 

To society, a boy is a person who is strong, Bold, doesn’t cry, and carries the family name. and in some cases, follows the footsteps of his father. And a girl is soft, meant to help around the house and gets a decent education, and is married at a certain age. Looking at these lines, yes India has moved way past this era. But still, there are places and households where all of this is still the same. where kids are told to do something that everyone else is doing so that they don’t look like an outcast in society. but What if a boy wants to help his mother in the kitchen and not go out to play sports with all the other boys? Everyone is different! Not all are good at sports, some may be good at baking, stitching, dancing, and whatnot. but to others, this situation is weird and not ordinary. why? 

cause according to the boys don’t help in the kitchen. they don’t need to learn sewing. they need to go out and play and do manly things. when it comes to girls, girls are meant to be within their limits and not do manly things. it has to become a common understanding that everyone has to stop genderizing and sexualizing things to one specific gender its an open world and were living in the 21st century

It’s either us changing for ourselves or the society changing us. there’s one life. live it the way you want it to and pursue your passion and do what you love.

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