Ms. Jhanavi Lamba conducted a wonderful session on the 7th of September, 2021 on the topic “GIT and GIT HUB”. Jhanavi is a student who studies Computer Science Engineering at SMR Ramapuram, Chennai and she is a part of so many clubs such as GDSC (google developer student club), sketch club, etc. and she is also an alumnus of the CMR PU ITPL College. Ms. Jhanavi has also participated in various competitions and events related to coding.

In this session, Ms. Jhanavi not only spoke but also showed us how GIT and GIT HUB function. She said that “GIT is a free open source, version control system and was widely used by the programmers.” Version control is used to keep track of all the changes that are made in the code and this way it becomes easy for the programmers to work on the code. Ms. Jhanavi also mentioned a few technical terms such as a directory or a folder, repository, etc. that we had to remember so that we could understand better. She also explained to us a few commands and their functions. After explaining a few technical terms and talking about commands, Ms. Jhanavi then went on and showed us how to download GIT. Since Ms. Jhanavi shared her screen and showed us how to download GIT step by step, it became easy for us to follow up. For the rest of the session, Ms. Jhanavi explained to us the various features of GIT and she made it really interesting for us. In the last few minutes, Ms. Jhanavi also showed us how to create a webpage on GIT which was really fascinating.

In conclusion, I had a great time interacting with Ms. Jhanavi and I got to learn so many new terms and so much about coding which I think wouldn’t have been possible without her conducting this session.  

I thank the institution for giving me an opportunity to attend the session

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