“When you dance, your purpose is not to get a certain place on the floor. It is to enjoy each step along the way”

Dance has been present in human culture for centuries. Dance is not only limited to people who want to become professionals, anyone can learn dance for their self- satisfaction.

 On the 19th of August, we the members of the dance club, here at CMRPUC had an amazing and informative virtual dance club session with our skillful speaker MS. Simran Gotla.

Ms. Simran Gotla is a professional dancer also an alumnus of CMRNPUC. Dance has always been a part of her life since childhood. After graduating from CMRPUC, she decided to take dance to a professional level. Ms. Simran has completed her diploma in dance and is a certified pedagogy from LASALLE College of Arts, Singapore. Ms. Gotla is also an experienced dancer with a strong passion for teaching and choreography.

As a dance enthusiast, I feel that this session was so informative and interesting. We got to know about the whole world of dance in less than an hour. Ms. Gotla explained to us about all the different types of dance forms, different body postures important in dance. Most importantly, we learned 3 main lessons, the first one being self-confidence, if we are confident, people will believe in us and this brings us success. The second lesson, being determined will help us persist in the face of difficulties, it makes us march fearlessly towards our goals. The last one being punctuality, as it demonstrates your willingness to complete your work on time. We learned that through dance, dancers can express feelings and emotions, conveying a message to the audience. Adding to this, we also got an idea about the different dance schools available, this helped all of us wanting to take dance to a professional level.

This session was indeed wonderful, I would like to thank our principal, Ms. Anitha, and our teachers for organizing such a useful session for us. Most importantly, I would also like to thank Ms., Simran for taking time out of her busy schedule to host the session for us.


Soundarya Muthu Kumar


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