“An Animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language” which is true, can never be contradicted.”

Since ages, Animals have been a great friend to man. From hunting to detecting bombs and explosives in the battlefield for rendering military service to finally being a pet at man’s very own home.

Howbeit, considering the ongoing crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic this has given rise to an unforeseen increase in the demand to have pets at home. People all across the world have been adopting and fostering shelter animals as a way of spending their quarantine period at home.

Tracy Elliot, President of the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society has stated that there are hundreds of people who are kept on the waiting list for adoption. A study shows that there has been a gradual increase of up to 70% in adoption as compared to 2019. Being placed in these set of circumstances has uplifted the well being of animals by not only giving them a chance of adoption but also their very own new home. Altogether this has made humans to comprehend the importance of being surrounded by animals.

Strength is life, weakness is death, expansion is life, contraction is death, love is life and hatred is death.”

Having concluded the situation of animals around us, let’s scrutinize the condition we find ourselves in. In today’s crisis, as we are aware, we are restricted from stepping out of our houses due to the rapidly spreading virus.

Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, several countries declared lockdown which is believed to be an obligatory measure. Since the lockdown necessitates us to remain concealed at our homes, it brings forth a conventional and a level- headed question on how to pass time. Manifestly, there’s a solution to this.

Before the crisis kicked off, when people were tied up with work, they often complained of not being able to spend a fair amount of time with their family. They say everything happens for a reason which can now be understood in a crystal clear format. Now is the most appropriate and convenient time to make up for all the times that were slipped.

Also, not only do we get to enjoy with family we can also develop our skills and enhance our productivity score simultaneously. In contrast to this, there are people out there with low income who are left to battle the coronavirus fear without having the requisite
sanitation materials.

Having seen the above content, we can conclude that corona has put everybody at high risk. Most of all, we the people as Indian citizens must stand by our Prime Minister during this hour of need. We must abide and acknowledge his injunctions. It’s high time we protect ourselves and others too. So we must contribute by staying at home.


By Ganavi and Kaviya Sri

Posted by CMRNPUC

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