The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has caught the nations off guard. Ever since the first case of the virus had been reported in its epicenter, Wuhan, it has managed to extend its impact to around 169 nations worldwide.

Some of the countries like China, the US, Italy, Iran, and South Korea have now become exposed to the most heinous effects of the virus which as lead to mass deaths. These nations are witnessing the struggle to grapple the virus and provide the required facilities to the infected. The doctors and the healthcare system are facing several challenges as they deal with the steady rise of this catastrophe. According to WHO’s data, there are around 200,000 confirmed cases and 8000 deaths that have been reported.

 The first case in India was reported on 30th January in Kerala with its origin in China. From then there has been a hike in the number of cases in India. There are 195 confirmed cases and 5 deaths. The government is undertaking its role to contain the effects of the virus. All the school exams have been canceled and the board exams have been postponed. People have been advised to work at home and minimize their outdoor activities. Malls and shops have been shut down in several states to avoid the gathering of crowds. The government has also enforced traveling restrictions temporarily. The issuing of new visas and visas already issued of Italy, Iran, South Korea, and Japan nationals have been suspended. Moreover, people suspected of the disease are also being quarantined until they are confirmed healthy.

Despite all these measures we all have a responsibility to ensure safe health. Therefore we should all take our own initiatives as well. Some of the measures advised by the WHO are as follows:

  • clean your hands frequently with soaps and alcohol-based hand rubs
  • maintain social distancing
  • avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth 
  • stay informed
  • ensure respiratory hygiene

Hopefully, the practice of these measures culminates at the end of this pandemic and everyone around the world can go back to their daily lives without fear.


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