On the 24th of February 2019, an orientation session was held at CMR PUC ITPL, for the students graduating from the first PU to second PU. This morning, we were quite excited about our return to college after a 4-day long break since the final examination. We were greeted by the teachers and then taken to the amphitheater for a guidance seminar.

The session was carried out by our esteemed principal, Ms. Anitha Iyer. This session mainly helped to build our morality and mindset. It was a wonderful seminar as it emphasized on mental and moral growth along with our academic growth. It was a wakeup call for all of us, and an inspiration for the new academic year.

Ms. Anitha spoke to us about the culture at CMR that brings students and teachers together to examine the past, engage with the present and build the future and enlightened us on the qualities one needs to possess as a student. “The Habits of the Heart” include those qualities that make us better as a person and include respect, grit, integrity, empathy, and service.

In addition to the discussions, we were also shown several animated videos to better understand what these values mean and their significance in our lives. Throughout the session, Ms. Savitri also jotted down the main takeaways from the discussion on a chart paper, which was then signed by every student as a promise to uphold these values.

This session taught us about the important qualities we need to inculcate in me to be a good student and how we should conduct ourselves. It inspired students to give their best this year in all fields.


-Rhea Shivakumar and Vismitha S 

CMR PU College, ITPL

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