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Hi. I would like to share a few words about art and what it means for me.
For me, art is something far beyond just paper and paint. For me, it is a way of expressing my views, thoughts, and feelings. We always dream to be successful in life.  To achieve this we do all sorts of stuff like reading biographies of great people, copying the routine, trying to discover what made them so great and so on. But what I think is the difference between a successful person and us, in general, is the ability to present our ideas to the world in a colorful and creative way. We all have ideas but fail to express them because we don’t know how to put them in the paper. This is where art plays a major role. Drawing, sketching, painting not only helps us to present our ideas but also gives us the confidence to try something new and improve ourselves each day.

So talking about the portrait session, session, It began on 15 / 6  / 2019 when Athul Bhaskar an alumnus of our college (CMRNPUC ITPL) came to share his artworks with us. His portraits were super realistic. I will fall short of words if I have to describe them. His artworks inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and try something which I had never done before. A special thanks to Anitha ma’am who asked Athul to organize a sketching session for us.

On 19 / 6 / 2019 Athul came to share some of his portrait skills with us. He brought a copy of a man’s face the Kama whose portrait we were supposed to make in the next two hours. Frankly saying initially I didn’t believe that I could make it but as the class went on it became easier and easier, all thanks to Athul and his tricks that he shared with us. Finally, when I had completed my portrait, I couldn’t believe my eyes what I had in front of me. Though it wasn’t a hundred percent perfect but still I was satisfied with my output.

After the session, I had a talk with Athul where I asked his secret behind those amazing works of art. The reply which I got from Athul is something which will always guide me during my upcoming artworks. He said we have to show our complete dedication and determination towards our drawing by simply going back to the art over and over again. Improving it each day and pushing oneself until the limit is the key. According to Athul, if we stop for sometime after drawing for a few hours and start thinking that this is the best I can do, then we will never reach the peak of perfection. We need to keep going back over and over again until we attain perfection. It is only then will we have our desired output.

My final question to Athul was about the various jobs in the field of art. Athul answered that there are many fields in art and each field has various job opportunities. For example, for a fine artist, he can work in fields like freelancing, auto sculpture, mural artist, caricature artist, Graffiti artist and many more. ” The possibilities are endless. It’s just that we have to find our own path”

By:-  Abhishek Pradhan, II B

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