As we all know we waste a lot of papers in our college by tearing papers to cover our phones. We also see a lot of stationaries and waste papers on the floor and in the dustbins of our classes. We realized that we had to do something about it because as educated students it’s our responsibility to take care of our environment.

So few of us from I PU planned out a few things which would bring out a huge change in our college.

We thought of inserting two bags in each class where one can be used to collect all the used papers whereas the other bag can be used as a lost and found bag in which the students can find their lost stationaries.
These bags filled with papers will be collected from every classroom and then be sent for recycling. The money earned from recycling will be used for a social cause.

Another huge problem in our college was that students would tear a lot of pages every day to cover their phones while submitting them in the office. So for this, we thought of making phone pouches which they can reuse every day rather than wasting pages.

We did not want to use any kind of plastic bags or pouches for this purpose, instead, we wanted to make cloth bags with old clothes which we collected from the students.

When we spoke to our principal Ms. Anita ma’am about this idea, the amount of encouragement and motivation that we got from her was galvanizing!

Many students from 1PU and 2PU cordially volunteered to prepare these handmade cloth bags and pouches.
Together we were successful in preparing these cloth bags for every classroom and every student who had been permitted to get their phones.

We also shared this story with our Reap Benefit mentor Mr.Raghuvendra Sir. He was really overwhelmed with the idea and gave us a huge platform i.e., the Solve Ninja app where we could share this story which would reach out to many other schools and students.

So in this way we REUSED old clothes for making bags and pouches, REFUSED the use of plastic bags and RECYCLED the used papers.

  • Disha Shree I PUC (C)

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