Code Wars 2019 at CMR National PU College, HRBR

Students of CMR National PU College HRBR, were engaged in Code Wars last week. The event was organised in our campus on the 5th of July by the Technical Club, to test their logical and programming skills. The first round, consisting of two sets of papers, tested the students knowledge in their language of choice (either C++ or JAVA) and the second paper tested the logical reasoning of the participants. 

The second round was competitive programming, where the participants had to solve interesting and tricky questions by writing a program in their language of choice. The team that solved the maximum number of questions in the least time went on to be called the best coders of our campus.

The Total number of teams taking part were 50 teams with 2 students in each team. 22 teams qualified to second round. The final winners were:


First Place

Alan Sabu Mathew (2nd year)

Mohammed Suhail (2nd year)

Second Place

Sakir Ussain (1st year)

Syed Assam Ussain (1st year)

Third Place

Ranen Gabriel Jacob (1st year)

Mohammed Mueez (1st year)

Congratulations to all the participants and winners for making this event challenging and interesting.


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