When I heard of the work exposure program, all I wanted to do was to join for it, as this program would be an amazing opportunity and a great start to knowing the corporate world. PhotoMojo in Jayanagar is a company that interested me the most. When the applying dates drew close, I quickly prepared my resume and sent it over. I was thrilled to hear that I was given this amazing opportunity to working at such an honorable company. This was a great opportunity to learn new things and learn from my mistakes. Learning from a professional was a great experience. I was excited about meeting new people, and listening to their ideas and working with them.

I chose PhotoMojo as this company associated with photography. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and to use this hobby at work and to work with other qualified photographers was extremely inspiring.  To be around photographer was really insightful. When I joined the company, I wanted to be a better photographer, as visual arts play a huge role in our lives today and to be a better visual artist is a skill I wanted to improve. I wanted to learn from my mistakes and get opinions from other photographers as well.


On the first few days, we hadn’t done anything much so I took that time to get to know the other interns, I also introduced myself to the other staffs working at the company. The internship turned out to be extremely fun and I looked forward to it every single day. Throughout this internship, Mayur Sir guided us in and out as he was our mentor. He took time out of his busy day to spend time with us, to passionately explain the beautiful art of photography. He always made it a point to include us in all projects he had to finish. He is a very wise man and it was a privilege to work with such people.

We also learned key qualities such as patience and being observant. Anyone can take pictures, but only a few can interpret and narrate a story with pictures. We learned different kinds of photography and we used to go out regularly for street photography as a street has infinite stories to tell you if you pay enough attention. This internship made me realize that by looking out of the window when you travel makes you think of the possible stories that exist on the plain streets, we see every day. It also brings immense joy when you show them their pictures on the camera as it lightens up their dull worried faces. That was our way of giving back to our old community who has no one to rely on. Mayur Sir also pointed out to us how important it is to give back the community.

On the course of the internship, we did other kinds of photography such as pet photography, portraits, still-life, landscape, candid, etc. The experience of working at the site was exciting and it is an experience I would never forget. This internship definitely made me bolder. It was surprising to learn that these days, candid photography is being abused as the true meaning of candid’s come only when they are captured at their natural state. It was truly a great experience. We also held workshops for kids. Mayur Sir also taught us the basics of Lightroom and Photoshop. We went around Bangalore’s commonly visited places for architectural photo shoots. After each photo shoot, Mayur Sir would make it a point to review our pictures and tell us how it could be better and how we can be better. Photography is my favorite hobby, but Mayur Sir helped us develop this hobby into a beautiful passion. It was a great opportunity to work with Mayur Sir and his team. This internship was the spotlight of my summer vacation.

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