Internship at The Green Pocket
-Shwetha S
I have always wanted to have a life changing experience and I got to have one when I decided to intern at The Green Pocket, a wonderful pre-school right in the middle of Rustam Bagh, HAL. I chose to intern there as I have always been very fond of kids and when I read that I would be getting an opportunity to help facilitate a summer camp for small kids, I was elated.
As I walked into the campus where they were conducting their annual summer camp ‘Fun Under the Sun’ for kids aged 2 and above, I expected to see a normal building with classrooms, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a sprawling campus with a variety of trees, a rabbit’s cage, a tree house along with a sand pit; and as the kids came in with their giggles, enthusiasm and undying happiness– it was nothing short of a paradise.

The five weeks I spent there were truly enriching. Headed by three teachers- Mrs.Anahita, Mrs. Lakshmi and Mrs.Koel, the summer camp was filled with activities ranging from painting, dancing, and colouring to field trips, splash pool, and DIY activities. The entire team of teachers and facilitators made my time there worthwhile. They patiently guided me through all their activities and helped me in each and every step of the way. It was more than just an internship, it was an unforgettable experience that I will forever cherish.

Apart from having fun and making memories, I was able to learn a lot too— not only from the teachers but from the kids and the facilitators too. The teachers always walked in with a smile on their face and never once lost it throughout the four hours they were around. They had an infinite amount of patience and were the epitome of love and kindness. The facilitators and other staff too were extremely welcoming and never failed to make my already good day better. The respect and admiration with which they treated us interns really helped boost our confidence. They helped me improve my social skills and also taught me the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

However, the most important thing I learned from the kids was gratitude. As time passes, crayons turn into pens, colouring sheets turn into assignments and we forget what it’s like being a kid. We often wish for better things whilst ignoring what we already have. May it be a bus ride or a colouring sheet of ice cream- those kids really knew how to find happiness in anything and everything. Their curiosity and excitement was the highlight of my days spent there. As we grow up, our gratitude slowly turns to attitude but the twenty-five days I spent there taught me how to be thankful, humble and thoughtful; few qualities we lose as we grow older. It also helped me be more appreciative and empathetic, whilst having fun.
I am glad I decided to apply for an internship over there as it really changed me for the better. The impact they left on me is unexplainable. Out of all the pre-schools in Bangalore, Green Pocket is truly one of a kind, with its unforgettable staff, aesthetic campus, and delightful kids.

The Green Pocket will always be extremely special because over there everyone is cherished and anything is possible!


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