Bhumika C, our science Topper from CMR National PU College, ITPL made us proud with an impressive score of 96% in second year PU. Amidst celebrations, she did spare a few minutes of her to time to talk about her triumph and her approach to it.

Did you really expect to top the school?

I never really expected to top the school. I only aimed to achieve good marks in the exam. Now I am overjoyed.

Did you have a fixed pattern of study? How did you prepare for the exam?

Yes, I did have a fixed pattern of study which enabled me to prepare well for the exam. I was dedicated to giving my best in the quarterly, midterm and pre-boards exams. I made a timetable two months prior to my examination and followed it religiously, devoting equal time to each subject.

Do solving old question papers help?

Yes. Solving previous years’ question papers helps a lot. These papers will enable you to understand the pattern of questions asked over the years and gauge the level of difficulty of any question paper.  Moreover, you get an idea about the important and repetitive questions.

What was your day like during the study holidays?

I usually start my day early, so that I can get extra time with minimum distractions. I would study for 6-7 hours a day with breaks in between.

What was your coping mechanism during the exams? What was your stress-buster?

When I felt stressed or anxious I would talk to my parents and friends. Music and breathing exercises also helped.

What was your success quotient?

Consistency, hard work, and constant support from parents and teachers.

In the age of digital distractions, did you have to stay away from gadgets for the month,

I did not completely stay away from the gadgets. They were at times my stress busters, but I am always cautious not to make it an addiction though.

How did CMR National PU College help in your preparation for the Boards?

The college timings are very convenient due to which I could prepare well for the exams and also indulge in various other activities. My teachers were very supportive, they were ready for any guidance that I went to them for. Continuous revisions and tests also helped a lot.

How did it feel with the spotlight on you?

I’m not the kind of person who likes to be in the spotlight, but happy that I could make my parent proud.

The success mantra that you want to share with other students?

Always be positive and work hard. Do not worry about the results. Studying regularly is very important and you shouldn’t postpone things to the last minute.

What are your best memories from College?

I have made a lot of best memories with my friends in college. The time spent with my friends singing songs and dancing during the breaks or arguing on some random topic, having fun during the educational trips and many more.



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