Entrepreneurship competition was held at CMR National PU College ITPL, Students of 1st and 2nd PUC, commerce stream presented their business ideas to the judges.

Teams of students worked in collaboration over a period of six months, brainstorming, finalizing and developing ideas and preparing a business plan. The students polished their presentation skills and public speaking skills by preparing and presenting business ideas as a team. Students came up with unique and innovative business ideas to start a new venture and be an entrepreneur.

Few of the ideas presented were:

Anytime Airbag: Bike riding is considered a dangerous and unsafe affair. The one thing that two-wheelers have missed out in terms of a safety device is an airbag.

Anytime airbag is the solution to make bike riding much safer and less risky. A portable helmet airbag, sounds really cool, doesn’t it? Focusing more on the product, it’s a circular device hardly 2 inches in size fitted with activated G-motion sensors that would sense the impact and deploy the airbag around the helmet. The Anytime Airbag can be attached on to any full-face motorcycle helmet via double sided sticky mounts which would have a strong hold on the helmet.

The signature wallet is a smart wallet. It is a tech-savvy product for people who are prone to frequently losing their belongings. This wallet includes a GPS tracker through which the wallet can be easily traceable in times of loss or theft. It also has a mini camera that captures the image of a person opening the wallet after the theft and sends it to the owner through Wi-Fi. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and is shockproof and water resistant. Signature wallets will be available in different material like Leather, Suede etc.

Tea News network: The mission for TEA News is to fix the flaws in modern, clickbait based online journalism by crowdsourcing the News content and keeping news credible and bias-free. It keeps the news credible by constantly filtering out fake or incorrect news based on downvotes received by an article which automatically deletes the article after a certain number of downvotes are received by it. Anyone can write news or contribute to an existing news article by clicking on the write tab, the contributors are rewarded for their content by giving them a part of the revenues generated by the advertisements on their content. It is the Wikipedia of news, community written and supplemented news articles and archives. News for the People, by the people.

Wheat ‘n’ Eat: Wheat ‘n’ Eat produces edible plates from wheat bran and follows a clean environmental friendly process of manufacturing. They use wheat bran and water as their raw materials. The rest is done by high pressure and temperature. The shelf life of one plate is approximately 2 weeks.  And it is available in different flavors like masala, jeera, and garlic. Now you can have your food and eat the plate too!

Skritch:  It is a pen for beginners in art and young artists who can use it without the fear of making mistakes. Skritch designs the nib of the pen according to an artist’s choice. The pen has a nib that expands on the pressure that helps the user to change the thickness of the line he is drawing and it has a brush tip. It also has an eraser at the end of the pen and ink cartridge is easily refillable. It is an all in one tool for starting your art journey.

E charge: This venture plans to have electric charging stations for all vehicles in IT hubs and offices in Bangalore.  Their unique selling point is that their charging stations are easily accessible from IT hubs and office premises whereas other charging stations are in outskirts of Bangalore. Moreover, they plan to use solar panels for electricity. They are concentrating on IT hubs like JP Morgan, ITPB and gated communities such as Prestige Shantiniketan, Brigade metropolis.

Sanskar: Sanskar is an online store that caters to your decorative and aesthetic requirements for various festivals and parties. Various packages are available for different festivals ranging from Rs1000 to RS 15000. It is an endeavor to make things easy and reduce your stress at the time of festivals as you don’t have to run out for shopping and get your decor requirements home delivered  Strict quality control and quick delivery period are added benefits for the discerning customer.

Reflections: a Library Cafe – Reflections is a place to Relax and unwind with your friends and family along with good books and delete food and beverages. It provides cozy reading spaces with couches, cushions, and blankets as opposed to a sterile library environment. It is based on monthly membership subscription and walk-ins are welcome too.


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