Virtual Learning

During these uncertain times, we are engaging students in remote learning experiences that ensure continuity of classes. Keeping in line with our learning philosophy and taking into account pedagogical best practices for virtual learning, we have embarked on an informed approach to design the learning experience for our students. We are following the blended learning approach – a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning. In ensuring limited screen time, the daily schedule has ample breaks between two sessions for our students. We have started the online sessions in a phased manner.


An Overview of Virtual Learning at CMR National PU College

To provide a holistic school experience for our students, we will continue to offer multiple co-curricular activities virtually. The aim is to facilitate students’ all-round development, ranging from hobbies, understanding careers, and personal growth. These include Workshops, Competitions, Expert talks, After School Activities, Student Clubs, and Councils. We also offer a wellbeing program that focuses on building key life skills to help students cope with challenges in school and beyond.

Our instructional model for I PU emphasizes on the importance of covering the necessary content and skills required to achieve positive academic outcomes. Preparing our senior grade students well for examinations is one of our goals for ensuring student well-being. Given that our senior grade students are independent and tech-savvy, we expect them to familiarize themselves with the new system and learning requirements independently to engage with the core curriculum productively.

Phase 1: CMRites Onboarding
Phase 1 is meant for students to acquaint themselves with the online format and get to know their teachers, peers, and seniors. There will be an orientation session for the students to understand how CMR PU works. Introduction to various clubs, after school activities, and our community, connect programs will be informed to all. We will also be starting our lessons in all the core subjects. This phase would be for a period of only 2 weeks.

Phase 2: Core curriculum online
The Core Curriculum helps engage students with relevant, current, and meaningful content that they can relate to. In all our learning areas, we also emphasize on skills relevant to that learning area. You can refer to the Course Descriptions available for I PU, for more details click here.

Phase 3: Core curriculum on campus
This phase will only begin when restrictions are lifted for schools to operate and it will be safe for students to come back to college. We are already in the process of putting together guidelines for taking increased measures to ensure the safety of our children when back on campus. We will share those details closer to reopening dates.

Additional initiatives
To facilitate students’ all-round development we conduct multiple co-curricular activities virtually which include competitions, workshops, after school activities, club programs. We also offer a wellbeing program that focuses on building key life skills to help students cope with challenges in school and beyond.

Admission Guidelines
We at CMR National PU College want to serve you better. In light of COVID -19, you can now apply here.

Apply Now


Step 1:

If you choose to download the application, please complete the application, sign it and send the scanned copy to Layout) or (ITPL)along with the document list indicated above.

Step 2:
Once the application is processed a call (phone call/zoom call/hangout call) will be arranged with the Principal for interaction.

Step 3:
Parents will be intimated about the status of the application within two working days after the interaction.
Parents are expected to remit the fees within 10 working days of the receipt of the communication.

Step 4:
Admission Agreement: To be signed online
For queries on admission, write in to (HRBR Layout) or (ITPL)

HRBR Layout- +91 6366567411 | +91 6366567410
ITPL- +91 7349779230 | +916366567408