Senior Level General Quiz - META Schools, St. Joseph's College

Anjali Manoj of 2PUC ‘B’, and Mehul Patel of 1PUC ‘C’, attended the literary festival, META Schools hosted by St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) on 6/7/2018 and participated in the Senior level General Quiz.

The team topped the preliminary written quiz by answering 14 of the 25 questions right! In the finals they went against 7 other teams and after 4 rounds of quizzing, emerged as the 3rd place winners of the quiz with a total score of 125 points!
As a reward for our win, each student was given a gift voucher worth Rs. 500 from Bookworm.
“What I learnt from this experience was that with a little bit of preparation and trust in one’s own abilities, anything is possible. We went against some pretty experienced teams but it was our team work and complementary knowledge that helped us out the most in the end.”, Anjali Manoj

Second at Dash to the Press at Vivum 2018

‘Dash to the Press’ requires participants are required to cover all the various events taking place at VIVUM 2018. The most invigorating experiences from all the contests along with ONE snap that elucidates the event are to be submitted, and as soon as it’s done, they dash to set forth their views to present the most stimulating and visually engaging articles.

Anagha and Navyaa’s entry for the Dash to the Press event at Vivum that won the duo second place. Click here to read their account from the event.

Winning a Trip around Sun

The Parker Solar Probe was launched by NASA on August 12th, 2018, with the mission objective to “study the surface of the sun – the closest mission ever to the sun in the history of space exploration. A few months before every mission that NASA launches, it invites people around the world to submit their names online to be placed on a microchip that will be launched along with the mission.
Anjali Manoj from CMRNPUC ITPL successfully participated in the competition, winning her name, a chanced ride across our closest star. Click here to read her story.

Our students have shone in every sphere of activity. In the first year, the children brought home the overall Best college trophy from Josephs for the Eco fest. Throughout they have consistently excelled in music – winning in Disha, Invictus, Sargam, Vivum to name a few. Our dancers have also won awards of the likes – breakthrough performer in Disha. We have also been winning awards for the Best Delegate and Best Foreign Policy paper in MUN. Other events like Shipwreck in an interschool event saw us win both first and third place. We held our Tedxyouth@brookefield which helped students understand detailing, curating and organising an event of a magnitude that is seen by millions.